October 2, 2013

Sketchbook- Supervillain Moody Mom

Meet Moody Mom, supervillain and archenemy to Superbaby.  My sister and brother-in-law came up with her while preparing for their child's first birthday, a superhero themed party.

While I helped them prepare the goodie bag treats, my sister asked if I could create an adult sized mask similar to the child sized masks my mother had made for the bags out of craft foam.

At first she wanted to a a superhero named Mighty Mom. I suggested she instead be a supervillain. After many tries at a name for her we settled on Moody Mom.

So, here you go Andrea, a dossier on Moody Mom. I think your secret identity is blown!

Supervillain Name: Moody Mom

Archenemy: Superbaby

Superpowers/tools: Naptime raygun,  Bottle Grenades,  Permanent Pacifiers, and
the Hypno-Rattle

Weaknesses: Superbaby's  Coos, Giggles, Cries and smiles; Diaper Bombs.


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