October 9, 2013

Turning some Kids' Drawings into Stuffed Animals

I thought that I would share a personal project that I not only had a lot of fun making, but then giving to some very special people in my life. it all started with this fabric print on demand service called Spoonflower that I've always wanted to use but didn't know what to create.

Fellow Illustrator Tamara Henderson inspired me to create a stuffed animal when she used  Spoonflower to do the same, However I decided to go about it a different way...
(Note: I looked on Tamara's blog & couldn't find her stuffed animal,  but you should check  her out anyways, she's an awesome illustrator!)
The Kids Drawings
So, I asked a few nieces and nephews to draw for me a character that I could turn into a stuffed animal. Below are some of those drawings. They pretty much came up the designs, which I then transfer to the computer but first i had to make a pattern.
Pattern piece Sketches
So then I sketched out the pattern pieces. Here are a few of the rough drawings for the patterns. I  heavily cleaned them up in Adobe Illustrator.

Flat Pieces
Using the kids Drawings, I drew each character's features in Adobe Illustrator. I then sent the files off to Spoonflower for printing.

The Whole Gang
After lots and lots of sewing here are the finished characters.

Monkey 1
Monkey 2
Koala w/his cool cool glasses


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