July 13, 2015

Daily Doodle, #UncleFester

So, as a creative exercise I've decided to challenge myself to complete a daily doodle every day for a week with the option to continue next week if I like. . I like to treat challenges like these as speed trials. I want to see how fast I can put out an illustration that doesn't make me puke/barf/cringe to look at.

Today's Daily Doodle challenge was #UncleFester. Yes, That Uncle Fester. You know, the one from the Adams family series, and the comic/cartoon. I grew up watching The Adams Family, and to a lesser extent their poor cousins The Munsters on Nick at Nite when Nick at Nite mainly showed old tv reruns. Do they still do that?

Anyways, here is my doodle. I hope you like:

I really want to hear what you guys think, so if you have a minute please leave feedback in the comment box below. Thanks!


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