December 28, 2015

New personal project

It’s not a stretch to say I’ve had a rough year, and this end month of it has been probably the roughest of my life. That’s really all I’ll say about it other than I’m glad this year had come to an end and I’m ready to start anew.

In that spirit I’ve decided to give myself a new personal project that I believe will help me with keeping a positive mindset in the new year, hope for better things, explore some new areas as an artist and maybe (but this isn't the goal) lead to new opportunities.

I'm calling this project the “Positive Thoughts Coloring Pages” project. (Better name to be thought of later?)

Many times when I post a sketch/drawing/doodle, I get comments like, “You should make a coloring book!” and I admit I've toyed with the idea. The problem was I wasn't sure who my audience would be, what they would like to color, and if there was a place for it. Then I had my cruddy month and realized what I needed and thought; why not combine the two? So here the idea is, a color book full of inspiring/cute/positive messages.

I plan to start with just 20 images, put in a pdf for download on my website. If there is enough interest, if it makes a positive impact in more than just my life than perhaps the project will live beyond the initial 20 pages. If not than it lives in a corner of my blog/website.

Another reason I wanted to do this project is I've always wanted to share process work on my blog. However, I always feel funny about sharing client work online. It doesn't belong to me and I don't feel comfortable sharing it. With this project I think sharing as I go along will give a peek into my studio without feeling that I've breaking my client's trust. So, in that spirit I'll share some process pictures/progress for the first two pages.

The Concept.
For the first two I thought celestial theme would be appropriate. Why not shoot for the sky on the first try? Since I wanted to do two images, I thought the duality of the images would be fun, Sun & Moon. Night & Day.

The Sketches.

I roughed in what I wanted it say, using imagery I thought was cute. Again, the stars and planets for night, and sun clouds and birds for day.

The Inking.
I then took the sketches and placed them into a photoshop file and inked them using “Kyle's Brushes”
I really can't say enough good things about his brush sets.

Final Product.
And Taa Daa! Two PDFs you are free to download, color and share. Please do share. My main goal with this project is to share as much positivity as I can and if you know someone that could use some I really want them to have it.


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