January 15, 2016

Did it again.

So last night I made another coloring sheet in my 20+ "Operation Positive Thoughts" Project and didn't even sketch it first. It's like these are just falling out of me and photoshop is catching them as fast as it can.

I hope at some point that I'm not the only one to benefit from them but I'm sure as heck glad that they're bringing a little bit of sunshine to my day.

The one I made last night, the one for which there are no process pics, because it just came out no sketching required is about looking for rainbows. Really even when things look bleak there is sometimes a bit of sun poking through and then you have this beautiful thing amongst the grey and depressing stuff. That thought had made me feel really good. Anyways here is the sheet, again if you know someone that would like to color it, please share it with them. I would really like to spread as much positivity around as possible and I can't do that unless more than just me sees and shares these. Not that I'm twisting anyones arm. Just putting some positivity out there and hoping the act itself will bring some back my way.


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