May 12, 2017

Hamsters at work- Color Roughs

Let's go on illustration journey. I thought I would take you along on the process I use when creating an illustration. Remember those hamsters from yesterday? They've made it to the color rough phase. This phase gives me the opportunity to play with the color and adjust before I get down to the detail work part of the project.

I've decided I would share the way I like to build my photoshop layers to make editing the colors simple. Each hamster is his own group with a fill and line art. I then grouped all the hamsters together so I can move them if needed as a group and turn off their visibility as a group to work on the background. This also keeps my layers organized when I have a document with many many layers. Navigating layers is a challenge when you don't name the layers and you have to figure out which later that weird smudge is on.


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